What is Emtrey?

Emtrey automates visual testing for web applications. Every time you push a change to a web app, Emtrey checks it for any impact that change might have had visually. If any changes are found, Emtrey highlights them for review by you and your team.

How does Emtrey work?

When a change is committed to a web app’s repository, Emtrey builds and scans the entire application in search of any visual changes to the user interface. Screenshots are generated of all pages and components which are then uploaded securely to Emtrey. Emtrey then goes to work to highlight these changes for review by your team. Find out more by visiting our docs.


What developer frameworks does Emtrey support?

A list of supported frameworks can be found here. If you don’t see your favorite framework, let us know.

What other products work with Emtrey?

Currently Emtrey integrates with GitHub and lots of CI/CD tools, learn more by visiting our documentation. The Emtrey Team is working to add support for several popular products, such as messaging apps, project management and more. If there is an integration that you would like to suggest, drop us a line.


Can I invite my team to use Emtrey? And does it cost extra?

Emtrey is built for teams! Invite your dev team, testers, product owners, and designers. There is no additional charge for the number of users for a project…the more, the merrier! See how to invite team members at Adding Team Members.