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How to Review Changes via GitHub


Github is connected to the Emtrey project. Learn how to connect Emtrey projects to Github.


As the reviewer of a Pull Request (PR) you have the ability to navigate from GitHub to an Emtrey project. There you can approve, reject and leave comments on changes.

Reviewing a Pull Request

Many teams make use of pull requests as a chance to review changes before merging code in a main branch. When an Emtrey project is connected to Github, all pull requests automatically look for a related Emtrey run-through via a GitHub Check.

If a recent run-through exists for a particular branch, the reviewer will see the status from Emtrey displayed on the Conversation tab of the pull request.

Here is what reviewing an Emtrey-connected pull request looks like:

  • Navigate to the PR request on Github and you will see the following Emtrey “check”:
Emtrey GitHub check
  • Click the DETAILS and then click the RESOLVE button, this will navigate you to the Emtrey review page.
  • Here you are able to ACCEPT, REJECT¬†and comment on Changed Pages. When you finish reviewing, you can click the APPROVE ALL button to change the status of all found changes.
  • Returning to the GitHub pull request, you will see that the Emtrey checks have passed and you are able to merge the pull request:
Emtrey Github Checks